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That light, breezy, warm and cozy Scandinavian look can transform your home from cluttered mess to a place where you love to be. But just how to designers get that effortless look?

This FREE email course breaks down the elements of Scandi design into 5 easy to follow steps so you can get that fresh look in your home too. 

By learning the basics and incorporating elements such as color, light, textures, and patterns, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how to realize your interior design goals.

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About Nordic Mod (Coming in Winter 2018)

Nordic Mod is a How-To blog for DIY interior designers with a focus on modern Scandinavian home decor.

Designing your own interiors is a highly rewarding experience, but it takes a lot of time to research ideas and materials, time you just may not have with your busy work and family schedule.

Though product reviews, helpful tips and tricks, and resources (like this email course), Nordic Mod is designed to save you time in realizing your interior decor goals.